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May 10th

Rockers!We are on the eve of the weekend, here at the ‘Rock! Alot of play has happened this past week at the club with a lot more still to come! 

Tomorrow is our opening event, SPRING FLING!..This customary, legendary opening weekend happening puts players of all levels and abilities together for one, great big mixer. The Women have their Fling tomorrow at 10:15, play starts at 10:30 and  continues for a couple hours. The event is almost filled, one or two late openings available!. Call or email me!Men complete the tennis picture with  their Spring dance on Sun (Mothers’ day) – 8:15 check-in,8:30 play – finished by 10:30. – plenty of time for Mother’s dayfestivities!****************************


Our A1 team, ably captained by Debbie Resnick and Co-captained by Wendy Siege,l boasts a 3-0 early season, undefeated record! .Laurie Weiss, a stallwort at first court is 3-0, while her partner, Michele Kreitman, is 2-0. Our second court team, the aforementioned Debbie Resnick & partner “O” (Vickie Omeltchenko, for those who are not up on their Shelter Rock-ese) are undefeated as well. It’s been a real team effort as almost all the gals have contributed! Waiting for you, Michelle Haddad! By the way, these victories have come under difficult, chilly, early season conditions!

On Wednesday, our A2 Women’s team won! Congrats to 1st courters Debbie Epstein & Linda Gottlieb,  while we extend the kudos to 2nd courters Cathi “Suss” Sussman & Wendy B. (ochner!) Good try at third, losing in the third set, Gail Schwartz & Merry Feintisch. Today’s Women’s Master’s match pitted Shelter Rock Cathi (New Captain!) Sussman vs. Shelter Rock Fuller. Very competitive match – highlights included a win for Ellie Brook & Esther (The legend!) Siegel over Marla Manowitz and the human backboard, Marlene Bittman!*********

Our Men’s Master’s teams have begun their 2019 season !It was a Dave Berg, Spy vs. Spy match as new captain , Rick Saccullo and his boys took on perennial Masters powerhouse Larry Fuersich’s team. Smoke cleared, Saccullo, 7 points to 6!.. Les Silverman was the standout for Rick’s team, garnering much needed points at second court to secure the victory! Great week for Men’s Newbie, Vladimir Salomon! A win on Tuesday night in the Men’s Open League with Brian Byer, (BTW: We swept all the courts Tuesday Night! – 1st time, long time!)  turns around wins w Joe Bullaro in the Wednesday night league. Keep it goin’ , Vlad! Good win also for Jeff Little’s Wednesday Night team as Jordan Rednor and “IRON” Mike Cantor won their court! Thursday Night rolled in from Wednesday Night, As The Pinkies and Whites began their 2019 campaigns. Pinks naturally defeated the men of The Cold Spring CC, 18-3. Not so easy a start for new captain of the famous Whites, Steve Albucker. They played their first match vs. The Chiefs of Crest Hollow, 2018 Thursday Night champions. What a wondrous sight , seeing Rob Londin & Doug Katz reunited and playing first court for the Whites. Wondrous you ask?  It was about ten years ago when Doug & Rob , way down in the final match of a playoff contest, came all the way back, won the match and fell into each others arms – pretty heady stuff for a recreational, non-sanctioned Tennis League. One of this writers top Five Shelter Rock moments. Kudos To Ageless Wonder and still playing a pretty good game of Tennis, Fred Blumenfeld and his partner, the very experienced  partner Bruce Eiber.  The Whites only win against Crest Hollow. The fellas played second court! heroic,epic, the stuff Legends are made of – as you guys keep playing well. Remember: In a match , you either WIN or LEARN SOMETHING!************

Cardio -Tennis and Robin’s Bull-Pen tomorrow at 8:00 am

SPRING -FLING FOR WOMEN:10:15 (limited amount of extra courts available all morning) Cardio-Tennis at 2:00 pm. NO SIGN-UP NECESSARY!


GAME ARRANGING STARTS: WOMEN: MAY 18th                                 

MEN: MAY 19th

See y’all over the Weekend!

Rick (PS: Sorry if I left some other SR Heroics out..Next TIME. I promise!!

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