March 4th Gazette

Dear Shelter Rock Family..

Hellooooooooo to you all, East, West, North & South..Gearing up the ‘Ole Shelter Rock On-Line Gazette, for all things Shelter Rock! Looking forward to another great season full of Tennis,Friendship,Fun & Games!

Various committees have already been at work organizing and planning for the upcoming tennis season.. * If you haven’t played on any of our various teams, please contact me if you have any interest..Playing competitively is one way to improve your game..and of course who here at The’Rock isn’t interested in improving their game !*

Complimentary Women’s Team Training will once again be held every Tuesday, 10:00-11:00 & 11:00-12:00..  NEW THIS YEAR: The first practice hour will be reserved for those women who are scheduled to play a team match that week..(Great idea!) The Pro-Staff will try and keep pairings together…The second practice hour will be open to all other women on a first come, first serve basis ,as per the posted sign-up sheet.*Opening Tennis Events: “SPRING FLING”: (Formerly called Pro’s Choice)Women: Saturday, May 11th 10:30Men: Sunday, May 12th 8:30        (Mother’s Day:We’ll get you Guys out  early!)”GAME ARRANGING”: “STARTING DATE”Women:Saturday, May 18th 10:15 Check-in 10:30 playMen:Sunday, May 19th 8:15 Check-in 8:30 play*

If any members have changed Their E-Mail address, Cell Phone number, Moved to a different location, in essence something the Club and it’s membership should know..PLEASE MAKE US AWARE!..

* SPRING RACQUET TUNE-UP: Is your equipment ready for battle? ..Racquets should be restrung before the start of the outdoor season ! All string types and personal faves are available..See me for a racquet evaluation..*

General Women’s Team Meeting:Saturday, April 13th at 11:00 AM. WE ENCOURAGE ALL WOMEN’S TEAM PLAYERS TO ATTEND! It’s been a pretty mild winter (current snow conditions not withstanding!)..I’ve already started the countdown! Lookout for Jeff Litman, he’s playing some great tennis..And don’t forget the ageless Billy Breakstone , Jack Goldberg and of course Rich Slone!. Big things are expected from Guy Mazarin, Herbie Steinberg,Rich Orent and Arnie Kert! They’ve been faithfully playing indoors all season!..On the women’s side, Mrs. Cardinal, Nancy Mazarin, has been working diligently on her game and it really shows.. The fabulous Esther Siegel keeps wowing them with her variety of shots!..Well, Fingers Cramping, Starbuck’s beckons..gotta go

Warm Regards to all!


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